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Randy Wade Kelley is an actor and sometimes-writer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. You may remember him from such films as Explode For Me and RED. He also does a lot of theater around town. And he might be in some web sketches fairly soon. 


Randy Wade Kelley hails from the great state of Texas, and he misses it dearly. He grew up wheelin' and dealin' on the mean suburban streets of Houston. He played a lot of Zelda, only ate chicken nuggets, and wanted to be a magician when he grew up. His favorite childhood toy was his mom's typewriter. A few years later, Randy went to school at the University of Texas and eventually earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Communication for Radio-Television-Film. Though Austin quickly became his favorite place in the world, Randy knew he would soon have to make a big move: California.


Since arriving on the West Coast in 2010, Randy has already found much success. He has appeared in twelve productions for the stage and four for the screen, including an award-winning short film. He has also completed writing two webseries and several sketches that he plans to produce very soon.


These days, Randy loves playing (/winning) board games with friends. He goes to see movies by himself from time to time. Coffee is one of his most favorite things in the Universe. He wants to start meditating but it's hard to get his brain to shut up. He also writes (/rambles) on a blog every once in a blue moon. He loves crossword puzzles and wordplay in general. He is considering trying his hand at painting in the near future. His favorite food is Italian, or Chinese, or sandwiches. He loves food and is very indecisive. He has a guitar and looks forward to the day when he learns how to play it. He also wants a cat and thinks you should buy him a cat.

A Brief History of Randy Wade Kelley

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