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Check out some of the awesome projects I've worked on!! 


The most recent videos will be posted up top but feel free to scroll all the way down to the bottom for videos from when I was just a wee little actor.


Thanks for watching!

My Crazy Ex - "Sexed, Perplexed, and Unfortunate Texts"

(clip from "Frisky Business" segment)

d. John Downer

Holiday Help Desk - Shari's Berries

d. Sophia Garza-Barba

The YOU & the ME: Episode 5

"You, Me, and a Sanctimonious Gay"

d. Jeff Dinnell

The YOU & the ME: Episode 7

"Jeff & the S.G."

d. Jeff Dinnell

The YOU & the ME: Episode 5


d. Jeff Dinnell

Girl Scout Cookies

"A Family That Mourns Together"

d. Karl & Amelia Maschek

Girl Scout Cookies

"Sports Fans"

d. Karl & Amelia Maschek


d. Randarino

Let's Duet

d. Randarino

Let's Duet (Outtakes)

d. Randarino

RED (Clip)

d. Robert Schwentke​​

Explode For Me (Clip)

d. Jeff Dinnell

Things Musical Nerds Do (The Musical)


LOST: The Musical (Promo)

d. Steven Brandon​​

Why Wait?

d. Billy Canino

One Horse Town

d. Matt Snead​​

Too Many Cooks (Spec Commercial)

d. Patrick Ortman


d. Billy Canino

Doing Stand-up in Austin, TX

ca. 2010​​

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